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through a single company


We are looking for original and creative experiences with new and exciting challenges.
If you are in the mood


We are committed to high production values as a pro-active and positive team working 
alongside our clients to deliver outstanding films.

Post production

We have graphics laboratory based in Paris 8e. We love 2D, 3D, SFX, mixed media and developing new artistic worlds and tools. We are a flexible team

We create and design creative solutions merging 
social media and your brand content on all platforms

Connect over a million people with advergames

Create engagement with your audience through our Game & Gamification Experts.

We are making amazing casual games to build a delightful community of gamers to your business

GAME Design

the creation spirit


We are making advertising on all social media.


We help.

We are Expert

Brand strategy

We think tank 


When an idea become a story


When a story become a movie

Post Prodution

Editing, 2D, 3D, animation, Motion Design, VFX & Finishing

Social Media

Content media


New way to touch people

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29 Boulevard de Courcelles

75008 Paris France


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Phone : +33 1 70 38 15 50

Email : viking@vikingfactory😉com

Our Hours

MON-FRI 09:00 – 19:00

they know us

About us

We love to create and discover new world, meet amazing peoples and have fun in life.

Our mission

Help our client to have the best creative content at the best price.

We offer

  • the best of the best
  • la crème de la crème
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